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Walk Don't Run, Vol 2



Dolton Records

Original 1964 album liner notes


The House Of The Rising Sun
(Alan Price)
Al Gallico Music – BMI

Diamond Head  2:01
(D. Hamilton)
Electron Music Co. – BMI

Night Train  2:30
Frederick Music Co. – BMI

Peach Fuzz  2:20
Dobo Publishing – BMI

Rap City  2:00
(Arr. & Adpt. Wilson-Bogle-Edwards-Taylor)
Dobo Publishing – BMI

Blue Star (Theme from “Medic”)
Chappell & Co. – ASCAP


Walk, Don’t Run ‘64
(John Smith)
Forshay Music – BMI

Night Walk  2:35
Dobo Publishing – BMI

One Mint Julep  2:15
(R. Toombs)
Progressive Music-Regent Music Corp. – BMI

Pedal Pusher  2:28
Dobo Publishing – BMI

The Creeper  2:20
Dobo Publishing – BMI

Stranger On The Shore  2:29
Robert Mellin, Inc. – BMI


Producer: Dick Glasser

Engineers: “Lanky” Linstrot, Eddie Brackett, Jim Lockert and Henry Lewy

Cover design and photography: Studio Five

In today’s highly competitive broadcasting situation, disc jockeys and program directors are engaged in a never-ending search for new records and new sounds with which to create excitement in their shows.  And, being the first to play a new record, one that goes on to become a national hit, has become a status symbol that knows no equal among DJ’s.  By now you may have guessed that I have joined this select fraternity.

When I first received my advance-of-release copy of “WALK DON’T RUN ‘64,” I was, to be truthful, somewhat skeptical.  “What,” I asked myself, “could The Ventures possibly do to improve upon their all-time hit of 1960?”  After all, it was not only the biggest instrumental hit of that year, but also one of the top half-dozen instrumentals of the past decade, (besides being one of my personal all-time favorites)!

But, I suppose I should have had some inkling of what was to come.  After all, The Ventures had, in several of their fifteen best-selling albums (every one hit high on the sales charts!), demonstrated that they could update and improve instrumental hits of the past, so why not do so with their own biggest hits?  Besides, they have performed “WALK DON’T RUN” so many times during the past few years that it was inevitable that they would come up with new ideas for it.

Then I put the needle on the record.  What I heard was so exciting that, in a matter of minutes, I worked the record into my program.  To my delight, my listeners instantly shared my enthusiasm.

The rest – to quote a trite-but-true phrase – was history.  Everyone else started playing the single, and “WALK DON’T RUN ‘64,” became a big – no, a smash hit.

This album is a sort of celebration of the fifth anniversary of The Ventures’ continued success.  In it, you will hear some of today’s – and yesterday’s – top hits, as well as a group of choice Ventures’ originals, the kind of material and arrangements that all their fans dig.

Of special interest is the use of the steel guitar on “Blue Star” and “Stranger On The Shore,” examples of the Ventures’ never-ending search for exciting sounds.

Now, I’ll leave you with this thought: five years from now, The Ventures may record an even newer version of “WALK DON’T RUN.”  And, do you know what?  I’ll welcome it all over again.  And so, undoubtedly, will all America.

Program Director
KLIV, San Jose, Calif.

The Ventures play the Mosrite Guitar exclusively.
Mosrite Guitars
1213 N. Highland Ave.
Los Angeles, Calif. 90028

The Ventures International Fan Club
1215 N. Highland Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90028



Also available in stereo BST-8031

Printed in U.S.A.

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