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Tuesday Music


Richard Snow
Tuesday Music

Side B Music
SBM 1107003

1. Silent Girlfriend

2. You’re My Number 1

3. You Said It

4. Hard To Be Happy

5. Tuesday Music

6. Lonesome Cowboy

7. When You Smile

8. And Then

9. Expectations

10. Days Of Simplicity

11. Over

Bonus tracks

12. Real (demo)

13. Attention Not Required (acoustic)

14. Eva

15. Silent Girlfriend (acoustic)

16. Hard To Be Happy (live)

17. Lonesome Cowboy (alternate take)

18. Days Of Simplicity (basic tracks)

All songs Copyright Richard Hattersley 2005 except Real & Attention Not Required 2001, Over 2008, Eva (Mark Birch/Richard Hattersley) 2008.

Produced and engineered by Richard Hattersley  
Recorded on analogue and digital equipment all over Nottingham, mostly at home on Tuesdays.

Photos: Helen Dunn

Graphic Design & Art Direction: Brian Battles

Thanks: Phill & Justin, (The Inlaws), Arianne, Paul, Jerry, Brian, Helen and Fiona (for Tuesdays).

Who plays what:
Richard Snow: vocals, acoustic/electric and 12 string guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, recorder, clarinet, violin, harmonica and all sorts of percussion.
Justin Monkton: drums on track 6 and 17, guiro and vocals on track 16.
Phill Edmundson: bass on track 16 and 17, vocals on track 16.
Arianne Harris: flute on track 11.
Mark Birch: keyboards and programming on track 14.
Paul Hammerton: drums on track 7.

Tuesday Music was originally issued in the UK in 2005.  For this re-issue we thought it’d be fun to make some changes.  The original 11 tracks are in a slightly different order and one track Slip On Through has been replaced with Over.  This new song was in the running for the album originally but was never recorded.  So Over is a brand new recording, previously unissued.  As well as this SideBMusic asked me for some bonus tracks, so we’ve included 7 extra cuts.  Different takes, mixes and live versions from the sessions for the two Richard Snow albums.  We hope you enjoy this new version of the album.

The bonus tracks:

Real (demo): An early demo of a song from the Richard Snow album.  This slow take is one of many demos of this song but is the first time it gained its 3 part harmonies.

Attention Not Required (acoustic):
Just as it says, a track from the Richard Snow album, as it sounded before the many overdubs.

Eva: This instrumental is a collaboration with my friend Mark Birch. Mark came with the chords and structure then we worked on it together.  I’d hoped to put lyrics to it and include it on Tuesday Music but found it too oddly structured to make into a song.  But listening again it works nicely as an instrumental.

Silent Girlfriend (acoustic): Another mix with all the instruments stripped back to acoustic guitars and vocals.  Just for fun.

Hard To Be Happy (live):
This was recorded at the second ever Richard Snow & The Inlaws gig in 2005.  We decided to play acoustic so it’s pretty different to the album version.  This track is in mono, listeners, do not adjust your set.

Lonesome Cowboy (alt take): This heavier version as recorded in 1997, 7 years prior to the album version.  It features all the members of Richard Snow & The Inlaws, although at this time we were called Enellen.

Days Of Simplicity (basic tracks): I originally wanted a CSN feel on this track.  But then I overdubbed more instruments.  This mix strips it back to the basic tracks and brings the vocals to the fore.

Richard Snow – 2008


SideB Music



(P) 2007 SideBMusic. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Printed in the USA.

SBM 1107003

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