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1. One Day at a Time (3:40)
(Phil Keaggy)

2. Never Is a Long Time
(Dan Pecchio)

3. Just Always (5:05)
(John Sferra)

4. Special Friends (2:42)
(Phil Keaggy – John Sferra – Dan Pecchio)

5. Coming Home
(John Sferra – Dan Pecchio)

6. Song of Hope (4:21)
(Phil Keaggy)

7. Child of the Universe
(Dan Pecchio)

8. Mountains (3:59)
(Phil Keaggy)

9. Answer (2:38)
(Phil Keaggy)

10. Dawn of a New Day
(Phil Keaggy – Dan Pecchio)

11. Let The Bells Ring*
(John Sferra)

*Previously Unreleased Bonus Track

All tracks courtesy of Geffen Records © 2005 Music Mill Entertainment, LLC. (P) 2005 & Manufactured by Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. Santa Monica, CA 90404

1971 was a pivotal year for Glass Harp. With its first major-label release under its belt, the band began making the transition from local heroes to regional powerhouse. Not only were the venues getting bigger, but also key support slots were becoming more frequent with the likes of Yes, Alice Cooper and Traffic. With the support of their management and label, Glass harp began to find greater exposure in print, as well as the burgeoning world of FM radio.

As more audiences took notice, Glass Harp stepped up the musical challenge. Set lists and even the structure of the songs themselves would differ from night to night. While content in the studio to writing quality structured songs, on stage the band became a chameleon of styles. With every show, the exploration and improvisation would get longer, more complex and intense. Phil Keaggy’s jaw-dropping playing was quickly becoming the stuff of legend and Glass Harp was unknowingly pioneering what today thrives as the jam band scene. The time was ripe to get Glass Harp back into the recording studio.

With Lewis Merenstein again at the helm, the band returned to Electric Lady Studios to start work on its second album, Synergy. The guys’ signature vocal harmonies continued to be at the forefront, especially on the joyful “Mountains.” Daniel Pecchio shines on the hard rock classic “Never Is a Long Time,” while at the same time offering a touching tribute to his then young son in “Child of the Universe.” John Sferra’s imaginative drumming and solid guitar and vocal contributions are woven throughout the entire album, especially on his own “Just Always.” Keaggy’s songs continued to inspire hope and inspiration, especially on “The Answer” and the heavily progressive “One Day at a Time.”

Glass harp was on the edge of major stardom, and looked forward to getting back to work to see where the roads would lead them next…

Included in this collection is a previously unreleased version of “Let the Bells Rings,” a song much later performed on John Sferra’s Northbound solo album. This is an “unplugged” version with John on vocals/guitar, Phil on guitar and Daniel on flute. It later appeared in an orchestrated version on the group’s Strings Attached album.


Out of print domestically for three decades, Music Mill Entertainment is proud to reissue all three Glass Harp volumes as a tribute to this pioneering band.

Original Cover Artwork courtesy of Bill Amey
Liner notes courtesy of Bob Brandt.

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