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Dolton Records

Original 1963 album liner notes


1. PIPELINE  (2:17)
Downey Music - BMI

2. DIAMONDS  (2:12)
(Jerry Lordan)
Robbins Music Corp. - ASCAP

3. WINDY AND WARM  (2:23)
(John D. Loudermilk)
Acuff-Rose - BMI

4. TEN OVER  (1:56)
Dobo Pub. Co./Electron Music Co - BMI

(Nokie Edwards)
Electron Music Co - BMI

Dobo Pub. Co./Electron Music Co - BMI


Dobo Pub. Co./Electron Music Co. - BMI

2. PARTY IN LAGUNA  (2:18)
Dobo Pub. Co./Electron Music Co. - BMI

Dobo Pub. Co./Electron Music Co. - BMI

Dobo Pub. Co./Electron Music Co. - BMI

5. CRUNCHER  (2:22)
Dobo Pub. Co./Electron Music Co. - BMI

6. THE LONELY SEA  (2:53)
(Don Wilson)
Dobo Pub. Co. – BMI



Producer – Bob Reisdorff

Engineer – Eddie Brackett

Cover Design – Studio Five
Big Wave Rider – Sammy Lee


Surfing is more than just a sport…it’s a fever.  The surf fever is sweeping the country and teenagers everywhere are succumbing to the surfing way of life.  Surfing has become a state of mind…a wild, uninhibited existence that revolves around the sun, the surf, and the sand.

The first time you stand on a surfboard you’ll know why surfing is here to stay…why it’s a wild, popular activity that without question is the world’s fastest growing sport.  They surf around the world – in Australia, France, Hawaii, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, on all coasts of the United States, and almost any other spot that borders on a large body of water.

Why is surfing taking over and why has it captured the interest and enthusiasm of teenagers everywhere?  With surfing comes an opportunity to challenge nature and the elements, and to conquer something that can only be conquered for a moment.  It’s not only exciting and a challenge; it’s fun!

Plummeting down a hill of moving green water and being able to move your board right or left – up or down – is a feeling akin to flying, to skiing, and to sailing.  The difference in surfing is that not only are you moving, but the force you’ve harnessed is also moving.  That is, until you take a wipe-out.  A wipe-out is a spill – a dump in the surf – and no disgrace, as the unpredictable waves often heave forward, spelling “end” to a surfer’s ride.

The surfers have a language all of their own.  In describing a wave in surfers talk, it might go something like this: “Look at that hot-dogger!  He’s hanging five in the curl.”

“He’d better back-peddle before he pearls and takes a wipe-out.”

To the non-surfer this might as well be a foreign language.  To the surfer, it’s his talk – he knows it and he lives it.  A hot-dogger is a red-hot surfer; one who performs, does a lot of turning, and gets the most out of the waves.  Hanging five is putting five toes over the nose of your board – a very difficult feat for any hot-dogger.  With your feet on the nose, the board moves faster – the ride is more thrilling.  The curl refers to the breaking part of the wave.  The curl is the faster part of the wave, while the flat shoulder is extremely slow.  To back-peddle, a surfer steps back on his board away from the nose, to keep the nose from digging into the water and going for the bottom (pearling).  If he does pearl, he’s sure to take gas, or take a wipe-out, followed by a swim for his board.

The life of a surfer has a definite rhythm and beat to it…the beat of the surf and the beat of the wild, driving music he listens to.  More than any other group, the Ventures have this sound…the beat of the surfer and the sound that he associates with the driving ride through the curl…a wipe-out…the life of the beach.  Another sound of the surfer is the sound of travel – the safari to the beach, and to other surfing spots when the surf isn’t up at his favorite beach.  The enthusiasm and excitement that accompanies a surf safari is rare and unique to surfing.  The anticipation of the day’s rides and the booming surf fills the surfer almost to the bursting point.  And then, when he comes over the last ridge and spots the surf – hot, glassy, and roaring through – he knows the drive was worth it and he knows what he has in store for him.

West Coast Surfing Champion

Ilima Kalama was born and raised in Hawaii.  At 20, he’s been surfing for 13 years, picking up the sport from his father – one of the greatest body surfers in Hawaii.  In 1962, at the age of 19, Ilima won the West Coast Surfing Championships at Huntington Beach, one of the most highly honored contests in the world.  Ilima rides a Hobie surfboard and presently resides in California.  He’s a surfer’s surfer, following the waves up and down the coast.


CRUNCHER – Hard-breaking big wave that folds over; almost impossible to ride.
GREMMY – Comes from Gremlin.  Beginners or young hangers-on who are troublesome to surfers.
HANGING FIVE – Five toes over the nose (or front) of the board.
THE HEAVIES – Very big waves, 18 to 20 feet high; found only in Hawaii.
HERO – One who thinks he’s greater on a surfboard than he is.
HO-DAD – A greaser, sort of a hot rodder with long hair and sideburns.
HOT DOGGER – A great and showy performer on the board.
PIPELINE – A very large “tube.”
PSUEDO – Pretends he’s a surfer but isn’t.
SHOREBREAK – Small waves that break close to shore.
SPINNER – A full 360 degree turn while riding a wave; a very difficult maneuver.
TEN-OVER – Ten toes over the nose.
THE TUBE – The hollow part of the wave.
WIPE-OUT – Being spilled by a wave.
WOODY (or WOODIE) – The station wagon a surfer uses to haul his board.
THE SURFER – A magazine published in Dana Point, California, which is the bible of surfing.

This album is available in monaural BLP-2022 and stereo BST-8022


Printed in U.S.A.


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