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Drums: Jerry Marotta
Linn programming: Chris Hughes
Hi-hat: Stewart Copeland
Bass: Tony Levin
Guitar, backing vox: David Rhodes
Guitar: Daniel Lanois
Piano, CMI, prophet: Peter Gabriel

Drums: Manu Katché
Bass: Tony Levin
Guitar: David Rhodes
Guitar, tambourine: Daniel Lanois
CMI, piano, prophet: Peter Gabriel
Horns – Trumpet: Wayne Jackson; Saxophone: Mark Rivera; Trombone: Don Mikkelsen
Backing vox: PP Arnold, Coral Gordon, Dee Lewis

Drums, percussion: Manu Katché
Bass: Tony Levin
Guitars: David Rhodes
Piano: Richard Tee
CMI, prophet, linn, piano: Peter Gabriel
Chorus CS80: Simon Clark
Guest vox: Kate Bush


Drums, percussion: Manu Katché
Bass: Tony Levin
Guitars: David Rhodes
Guitar: Daniel Lanois
Violin: L. Shankar
CMI, prophet, piano, percussion: Peter Gabriel


Drums, talking drum, percussion: Manu Katché
Additional drums: Jerry Marotta
Bass: Larry Klein, Tony Levin
Guitars: David Rhodes
CMI, piano, synth: Peter Gabriel
Piano: Richard Tee
Guest vox: Youssou N’dour
Backing vox: Michael Been, Peter Gabriel, Jim Kerr, David Rhodes
Bass vox: Ronnie Bright

  for Anne Sexton
Surdu, congas, triangle: Djaima Correa
Bass: Larry Klein
Piano: Richard Tee
Processed sax: Mark Rivera
CMI, prophet, piano, CS80: Peter Gabriel

Drums: Stewart Copeland
Hammond, CMI, bass: Simon Clark
Drumstick bass: Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta
Guitar: David Rhodes
Surf guitar: Daniel Lanois
CMI, synth, prophet, linn: Peter Gabriel
Linn kick: Jimmy Bralower
Voices: PP Arnold, Coral Gordon, Dee Lewis
Horns – Trumpet, cornet: Wayne Jackson; Alto, tenor and baritone sax: Mark Rivera; Trombone: Don Mikkelsen

(Milgram’s 37)
Drums: Jerry Marotta
Guitar: David Rhodes
Violin: L. Shankar
CMI, piano, prophet: Peter Gabriel

9. THIS IS THE PICTURE (Excellent Birds)
Talking drums: Manu Katché
Bass: Bill Laswell
Linndrum, CMI, synclavier: Peter Gabriel
Guitar: Nile Rodgers
12 string guitar: Daniel Lanois
Voices: Laurie Anderson and Peter Gabriel

All songs by Gabriel except That Voice Again lyric by Peter Gabriel/David Rhodes, and This Is The Picture (Excellent Birds) by Laurie Anderson/Peter Gabriel
© 1986 Published by Cliofine Ltd./Hidden Pun Music BMI except This Is The Picture (Excellent Birds) © 1984 Published by Cliofine Ltd./Difficult Music BMI
Lyrics reprinted by permission
All rights reserved

Produced by Daniel Lanois and Peter Gabriel

Engineered by Kevin Killen and Daniel Lanois

Original track recording by David Bascombe

Additional engineering by David Bottrill and David Stallbaumer, assisted by Jam Crisp

Originally Mastered at the Tower House, London, by Ian Cooper

CDD Pre-Mastering by WCI Record Group

Studio management by David Stallbaumer

All tracks recorded and mixed at Real World Studios, England, except for Mercy Street: Percussion recorded in Polygram Studios, Rio de Janeiro, engineered by Ary Carvalhaes and Jairo Gualberto, studio organization by Luigi Hoffer, session supervision by Renato Costa and Graciela Silberberg

New York overdubs recorded at the Power Station, engineered by Bruce Lamprov, assisted by Steve Boyer, session supervision by Charlene Colon

Additional arrangement ideas by David Rhodes
Horn arrangements by Wayne Jackson, Peter Gabriel and Daniel Lanois

For additional work on tracks not included, thanks to Larry Fast, Jimmy Bralower, Paul Higgins and the House of Music

Thanks for feedback and encouragement to David Rhodes, Gary Gersh, Gail Colson, Simon Draper, Ed Rosenblatt and most of all to Jill

Special thanks to Tony Smith, Stewart Copeland, Kate Bush, Chris Hughes, Larry Klein, Youssou N’dour, Mike Large, Neil Perry, Peter Smith, Jeanette Peters, Hillary Prosser, Bob Lanois, Stuart Nevison and Mark Crabtree for AMS equipment, Andy Hilton and Sid Zimet

Laurie Anderson courtesy Warner Bros. Records Inc.
PP Arnold courtesy 10 Records Ltd.
Michael Been courtesy Elektra/Asylum Records Inc.
Kate Bush courtesy EMI America Records, a division of Capitol Records Inc.
Stewart Copeland courtesy A&M Records Inc.
Jim Kerr courtesy Virgin Records Ltd.
Bill Laswell courtesy Celluloid/OAO
Youssou N’dour courtesy Albert Koski Productions
Nile Rodgers courtesy Warner Bros. Records Inc.
L. Shankar courtesy ECM Records
Richard Tee courtesy King Records Co. Ltd.

Management by Gail Colson, assisted by Norma Bishop
81 Walton Street
London SW3 2HP

Assistant to Peter Gabriel – Amanda Harcourt

Photography by Trevor Key
Design by Peter Saville and Brett Wickens
Peter Saville Associates, London


Geffen Records. Manufactured exclusively by Warner Bros. Records Inc., a Warner Communications Company
© 1986The David Geffen Company
(P) 1984 Warner Bros. Records Inc.
(P) 1986 The David Geffen Company
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Printed in U.S.A. Manufactured by Columbia House under exclusive license.

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