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EK 67972


1. Redefine (3:20)
2. Vitamin (3:17)

3. New Skin (3:55)

4. Idiot Box (4:12)

5. Glass (3:47)

6. Magic Medicine (3:03)

7. A Certain Shade Of Green (3:12)

8. Favorite Things (3:11)

9. Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song) (4:31)

10. Nebula (3:54)

11. Deep Inside (3:57)

12. Calgone (4:49)


Produced by Jim Wirt

Mixed by Terry Date

Engineered by C.J. Eiriksson & Ulrich Wild

Additional Engineering: Donat Kazarinoff

Recorded at 4th Street Recording, Santa Monica, California
Mixed at Larrabee West Studios, Hollywood, California
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Precision Mastering
Digitally Edited by Don C. Tyler

Mark Shaffner, 835 Pacific Street, Suite 4, Santa Monica, Ca 90405
Booking (U.S.): John Harrington, Gavin Hitt - Variety Artists International
(U.K./Europe): Rod MacSween, Scott Thomas - ITB

A&R Direction: Paul Pontius
Legal Representation: Bill Vuylstake - Siegel, Feldstein, Duffin & Vuylstake
Art Direction: Frnk Harkins
Photography: Chris McCann

Incubus is:

Cornelius: Vocals, Djembe and Didjeridu Action

Jawa: Strange Guitar Noise

DJ Lyfe: Turntable Kung-Fu

Dirk Lance: Bass & Adult Entertainment

Badmammajamma: Drums, Burritos, Tostadas, Horchata, Churros & Keepsem'fromfloppin'

Additional Musicians:
Jeremy Wasser: Saxophone on "Anti-Gravity Love Song"
Charles Waltz: Violins on "Favorite Things"

Special Thanks:

Richard Griffiths, Jock Elliott, David Massey, Derek Patton, Dominica Dotson, Harvey Leeds, Happy Walters, Rick Gonzalez, Scott Greer, Spring Aspers, Steve Rennie, Tom Bout

The Band Thanks:

Adam Sidell, Al Lepson, Andromeda, Andy Gerson, Andy Slater, Bam, Bill Silva, Bill V. & Gina D., Bretty Spivey, Chaos, Chutak Clothing, CJ Eiriksson, Cottonmouth Clothing, DC Shoes, Don Kazarinoff, Droors, DVS Shoes Co., Ecko, Fiasco, Freshjive, Frontside, Gavin Hitt, Ginger Hendrix, Goldenvoice, Hardward Clothing, Hoobustank, ITB, Joanna Stanulonis, John Harrington, Jim Wirt, Kaz Utsinimoya, Kerrang!, Kevin Zinger, Korn, Kathleen Wirt, Kristine Karayan, Lance Hubb, Mike Dewdney, My Ass, Nutmeg, Ourselves, Paul McGiugan, Paul Tollet, Pork Pie Percussion, Rick Devoe, Rod MacSween, SRH, Scott Litt, Scott Thomas, Sound Arena, Spaceman Spliff, Stephen Levy, Susan Collins, Susan Heagney, Terry Lippman, The Junk Trunk, Tim Durfey, Tim Jaher, Tom Whalley, The Troubadour, The Tourists, The Urge, Unwritten Law, Variety Artists, Victor Murgatroyd, Zack Zalon, 4th Street Recording, 420, 118 Board Shop.

Brandon Would Like To Thank:

My love and fellow dread head: Ginger, and her entire family. My whole extended family (Mom, Davd, Jason, Darren, Danielle, Suki, Chris and all in between), Mark, Jim and Kathleen Wirt, C.J., Don (for your expert assistance), Diana, Kenny Morrison and Danard (for a gravyful video), Renee, Christopher, Shyama & Rachel, and everyone from Moorpark, John Baker, Rusus, Terry Lippman, Adrian, Jay and Kyle, Joanna, Augusta, and all you wild valley kids, Kyle Mortinson and all in Salt Lake City, John and Steve from Protoculture and Woven, Derrick Ion, Chenoa Fawn, Jeff & Mandy, Inma - Ku Didjeridus, Bradley, Greg and The Newport Crew, all the people that the rest of the band thanks, Tom Robbins, for being such a cool author, all the band's families for the undying support, food (for without you, I'd be dead!) Darryl Anka and Bashar for your universal insight, all the cosmic citizens who hovered over my head in spaceships and in my dreams (you inspired many a lyric), Paulo Mattioli for a beautiful drum, all the kids who ever came to your shows (we would be nowhere without you), my band (I love you guys), my smooshy dog, Sativa, and lastly, I'd like to thank The All for the gift of aural perception. For without these ears, we wouldn't be able to create and or appreciate the art of music! Love and light!

Jose would like to thank:

my loving mom & pop, my sisters lisa and nadia, my lil' titty, the rest of the pasillas family, the donayres, sean & michael, all of our families for the needed support, my radical loving band, paul & happy our sugar daddies & everyone else at immortal, epic & sony, dave dogg, lisa, mayfly, herby, nate dogg, sunshine, t-dogg, bully, newy, barf, stoney, provalone, the marshall, jocko, calvin, tits, schnatz, huffer and all the rest in tres punto land, ginger, renee for being the coolest, santa fe cafe for the delicious burritos, kevin & brian dunlap, everyone at 118 board shop, marty & jerry at DVS, kate moss for all of her inspiration, frontside, yam, hoobustank, blink-182, unwritten law, the korn doggy doggs, the urge, ben & jon boy, my ass, beer, weedies, fabulous drum tuning, the surf, my cookie, jim, mark, don, chrissa & kathleen, todd, cooper, robb dogg, seth, chris colley, dwayne, alex from 420, shyama gero, erin lokitz and rachel zovar, tanya, daniel, larusso for all the karate tips, michelle pfeiffer for all the wonderful nights together, dave and esther at starfucks for all the great coffee, all those who have supported us the entire way & made all of thise possible, everyone else my band thanked & of course liv tyler.

Michael "Jawa" Einziger wishes to thank:

Mom & Dad, My brother Benjamin, My sister Rachel, Paul, Mark & Lee, Sheryl, Jason & Jennifer, My band, Amy Meyer, Emily Hanson, Kenny Morrison, Andy Slater, Adam Sidell, Beau and the Cradle family, Josh, Mitch, Gregg, John, Adam, Mike(s), Barry, Shayne, Blake, Scott, Stevie(s), & all the ol' skool, Dan Estrin, Nala & Lil' Bean, Stephen Levy, Tom Whalley, Ben Gordon, Scott Igoe, & my entire Interscope family (I know all of you hate my guts), Terry Lippman, Deborah Hurwitz, Amy Benakote, Rick Devoe, Bjork (you give me the force), Mindy Espy, Tony Palermo, Greg Richling, Fiona Apple, Craig Martin, The Tappis family, The Siple Bros, Whitey, Hari, Patrick McDowell, Shyama & Rachel, Kate Wolfson, Carissa Kosloff, Adam Gelfond, Dragon Talent, Jonathan Cathey, Louise Baker, The Hoobustank G's - Doug, Jeremy, Chris, Marku, & Dan, Nicole & Collette Daze, Kate & Maria Potts, Jeff & Cory Pierce, Marty, Toobs - Tamara & Terry - Lisa, Cameron & Tom, Lisa Passadore, Tres Puntos Locos, The Urge, Uncle LoC & KoRn, Scott Russo & the UL Crew, Blink-187G, The Frontside Crew, Yurena in Madrid, Spring, Justine Parsons, Eric Eisner, Roman Barret, Erin Lokitz, Everybody that Jose thanks, The 4th Street Recording Forces. EVERYBODY at Immortal, Epic, and Sony. EVERYBODY at Epic/Sony UK & Europe.

Alex would like to thank:

My family (you know who you are!), Jennifer my love, B-luv, T-Dog, Texas, Fontez, Shithouse, Carl the wookie, Justin-Savine, Little Rock, Alisa, D.J. Rosenburg, John, Beau, Adam, Mike Barry and the rest of my ass, Ginger for six years of support, Renee, Jim, Mark, Todd, Bill V., Gina and everybody else who tries to make sure we don't do stupid shit! Happy, Paul, Steve, Jock, Rick, Tom, Derrick, Spring and everybody at Immortal and Epic, Kathleen, Crissa, Don, and C.J., for making this record possible, Dave, Josh, Matt, Dave, the Einzigers, Pasillas, Koppels, and Boyds, with much love to Ben-G and Paul, Fatty, Johnny's for knowin' whats up with my stomach, my band and everyone they thanked, plus all of you who I forgot cuz my brain hurts.

D.J. Lyfe gives a special thanks to:

God, Mogy and Papa, Mom and Dad, Cara, Keli, Shannon, and all of my family, my wonderful companion Iman, Nate Pelland, Jay "TRT" Turner, Mike "DYNOMIKE" Einziger, Incubus, Ginger, Paul Pontius, Hapy Walters, Rick Gonzalez, and everyone at Immortal/Epic, Steve Rennie, Mark Shoffner, Jim Wirt, Todd Cooper, Goldenvoice, and anyone or anything that has helped me to achieve this goal/dream. Shouts go out to: Wystone Ave. Crew, My family in South Central (Nailia, Carla, Gail), Top Billin' Geniuses, O.G. Tracer one (Mastaplann). Jon Haney, Stephen Berghoff, Peanut, LuLu, y Salchicha La Viejita, Sade, Mayeye, Frank Rizzo, Ali Kamal, Sal Rosenberg, Franziska and Morgitz (Berlin),...Tupper St., Hummin' Boyz, and all of my old school crewsfrom the Westside 818, my incarcerated homeboys, (Dino and Scottie B.) keep ya head up, my homeboys who have passed (Lumpy, Kiko, Bobby Ahmed, Skate One) rest in peace. Wu-Tang Klan, Cypress Hill Crew, Psycho Realm, Korn, D.J. Hurricane, D.J. d-Bert, D.J. Rectangle, D.J. Rob1, D.J. Kiilu, TBG, THC, CBS, (L.A.)...and all graffiti artists keepin' it real, Universal Zulu Nation, ALL HIP HOP MASSIVE, anyone who has died for the love of Hip-Hop, anyone I forgot or could not fit...and to anyone who ever doubted me or tried to hold me back...thanks for the inspiration.

All songs written by B. Boyd, M. Einziger, A. Katunich, G. Koppel, J. Pasillas © 1997 Hung Like Yora Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. Except for “A Certain Shade Of Green” written by B. Boyd, M. Einziger, A. Katunich, G. Koppel, J. Pasillas, R. Muller, R. McBride, M. Jordan, R. Muslier © 1997 Hung Like Yora Music/Colgems-EMI Inc./Dope Deal Music/Brittolesse Music/MCA Music Publishing, a division of Universal Studios, Inc.,/One To One Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. / “A Certain Shade Of Green” contains portions “Get Up To Get Down” (Randy Muller) as sampled in “Bass,” written by Roger McBride, Mark Jordan, Randy Muller, Performed by King Tee, Published by Colgems-EMI Music Inc o/b/o itself and Dope Deal Music/Brittolesse Music/MCA Music Publishing, a division of Universal Studios, Inc./One to One Music Publishing (ASCAP), courtesy of EMI-Capitol Entertainment Enterprises. / “Glass” contains a sample of “Beats To The Rhyme” (Run-DMC), Performed by Run-DMC, used courtesy of Profile Records, Inc. and Protoons, Inc. (ASCAP)/ “Redefine” contains a sample of “Peter Piper” (Run-DMC), Performed by Run-DMC, used courtesy of Profile Records, Inc. and Protoons, Inc. (ASCAP)/ “Favorite Things” contains a sample of “Flamenco Fantasy,” written by Monty Kelly. Performed by the 101 Strings Orchestra, Published by Daval Music (ASCAP), courtesy of Madacy Entertainment Group, Inc.
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