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Present Picaresque
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Picaresque ________________________________________________________________

1. The Infanta
2. We Both Go Down Together
3. Eli
4. The Sporting Life
5. The Bagman's Gambit
6. From My Own True Love (Lost At Sea)
7. 16 Military Wives
8. The Engine Driver
9. On The Bus Mall
10. The Mariner's Revenge Song
11. Of Angels and Angles

Produced by Chris Walla and The Decemberists


as performed by
The Decemberists

The Tamarack - Chris Funk
The Barrow Boy - Jenny Conlee
The Mariner - Colin Meloy
The Spook - Rachel Blumberg
The Fop - Nate Query


Violin, Voice - Petra Haden
Voice - Sean Nelson
Electric Guitar - Chris Walla
Operatic Tenor - Eric Stern
Trumpet - Paul Brainard
Bariton, Tenor Saxophone - Joe Cunningham
Trombone - Tom Hill
French Translator - May Barruel-Brussin
Tam-Tam - Aaron Stewart
Shofar - Jeff London
The Worm Hole - John Roderick, Carson Ellis, Dawn Barger, Mike Squire, The Decemberists

Set Design and Illustration - Carson Ellis
Photography - Alicia J. Rose
Assisted by - Jeff T. Smith and Chloe Richard
Layout and Design - Mike King
Costume Design - Bernadette Spear
Lighting Design - Alicia J. Rose and Jeff T. Smith
Makeup - Marta Heitz and Alicia J. Rose
Tree Costume Design - Carson Ellis and Seann McKeel
Dolphin Head - Midori Hirose


All Songs Written By Colin Meloy
Copyright 2005 Osterozhna! Music (BMI)

Horn Arrangements by Paul Brainard
Produced by Chris Walla and The Decemberists
Recorded August - September 2004 at the Prescott Church, Portland, Oregon and Hall of Justice, Seattle, Washington

Mixed at Avast!, Seattle, Washington by Chris Walla
Except "The Mariner's Revenge Song" which was Mixed by Troy Tietjen

Mastered at RFI by Ed Brooks


The Decemberists Thank: Chris Walla, Slim Moon, Carson Ellis, Maggie Vail and all the Kind People at Kill Rock Stars, Paul Brainard, David and Alex Morrison, Alicia Rose, Bernadette Spear, Chad Crouch, Rob Jones, Corrina Repp, Dawn Barger, Kevin French, Deborah Orr, Marissa Maier, Petra Haden, Dav Pilkey, Tom Heinl, Lewi Longmire, Seann McKeel, Shanna Mareschal, Jesse Durost, John Blasioli, Caitlin Troutman, May Barruel-Brussin, Curtis, Laurel, and Baby Fox Knapp, Robert Guitron, the Oak Street Building, Paul Montagne, Maile Meloy, Troy Tietjen, Los  Mex Pistols Del Norte, Red Light, Buffalo Exchange, Rich Hipp, David Hughes, Ian Perkins, Caleb Klauder, Amy Annelle, Connie Wohn, Adam Selzer, Norfolk and Western, Jeff London, Megan Huston, Bryce Edwards and all our Friends and Family.

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