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Open Road
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Open Road _________________________________________________


Original 1970 album liner notes

side one


-D. Leitch-

Song For John
-D. Leitch-

Curry Land
-D. Leitch-

Joe Bean’s Theme

-D. Leitch-

People Used To
-D. Leitch-

Celtic Rock
-D. Leitch-

side two

Riki Tiki Tavi

-D. Leitch-

Clara Clairvoyant
-D. Leitch-

Roots Of Oak
-D. Leitch-

Season Of Farewell
-D. Leitch-

Poke At The Pope

-D. Leitch-

New Year’s Resovolution
-D. Leitch-

© 1970 by Donovan (Music) Limited, BMI
Sole selling agent Peer International Corporation
1619 Broadway, N.Y., N.Y.

Donovan – vocals, guitar, harp, lead guitar
John Carr – drums, vocals
Mike Thomson – bass, vocals, guitar, lead guitar
Mike O’Neill – piano, vocals

Open Road Production
Donovan Leitch – producer

Mike Bobak – engineer

Morgan Studios, London

David Mills – photographs

Sid Maurer – art and design

Can Also Be Played On Mono Equipment

Manufactured by Epic Records, CBS, Inc.
51 W. 52 Street, New York City
® “Epic” Marca Reg. T.M.
Printed in U.S.A.

E 30125
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