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Ode To J Smith


Ode To J. Smith



1. Chinese Blues

2. J. Smith

3. Something Anything
(D. Payne / F. Healy)

4. Long Way Down
(D. Payne / F. Healy)

5. Broken Mirror

6. Last Words
(D. Payne / F. Healy)

7. Quite Free
(F. Healy / A. Dunlop / D. Payne)

8. Get Up

(F. Healy / D. Payne)

9. Friends

10. Song To Self

11. Before You Were Young

All Songs Written by F. Healy (Unless Otherwise Indicated)

Performed by Travis

Produced and Mixed by Emery Dobyns

Written at the Grove Music Studios, London
Recorded at Rak Studios, London
Mixed at Electric Lady Studios, NY NY
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway, Portland

Pianos, Keyboards and Accordion by Claes Bjorklund
Choir on J. Smith performed by the Crouch End Festival Chorus
Choir on J. Smith conducted by David Temple
Choir on J. Smith arranged by Joby Talbot
Latin in J. Smith translated by Joseph Farrell
Strings on Last Words & Song To Self arranged by Sally Herbert
String Players Sally Herbert and Ian Burdge
Gong On Before You Were Young performed by Nick Freemantle
Rak Recording Assistant Raj Das
Electric Lady Studios Assistant Noah Golding

Special Thanks:

Fran - For Nora, Clay, Mum, Renne
Dougie - For Kelly, Freddie, Mum, Dad and all the family
Andy - To the loves of my life Jo and Dylan, to Mum, Dad and all the family
Neil - To Esther, Lola and Isla. Also Mum and Dad and the family and all my racing buddies
Wildlife Entertainment - Ian McAndrew, Sam Davis, Jodie Harkins, Tara Hill, Randy Irwin, Amanda Freeman, Rob Lynch, Claire Ruddock, Julie Barnes, Karen Williams, Rachel Dicks, Michael Grant, Ritch Ames and all The Red Telephone Team.

Pete Thompson, Ian Dutt, Luke Selby, Giaco Bridgett and all at Integral/Pias UK
Tony Harlow at Universal, Vincent Clery - Melin and all a Co Op. Daniel Lieberberg and all at Universal Germany
Mr. Plug and all at Hostess, Japan. Simon Esplen at Russells, Steve Jeffrey, Richard Rosenberg & Jo Blackman at SRLP
Peter Nash at Helter Skelter, John Dittmar at Pinnacle, Trisha Wegg at Rak Studios, Bob and all at Gateway
Dave Temple and the Crouch End Festival Chorus, Joby Talbot , Joe Farrell, Mike Hedges, Geoff Emerick
Mike Perry from Bell Percussion for the Giant Tam Tam. Steve Orchard, Nigel Godrich, Nic Harcourt, Dave Thomas, Gary Rough, Tim Owen at Sonic Systems, Tim Rice-Oxley, Michael Baldwin, Thomas Green, Emma Comley, Sioghan Murphy and all at Flynn.
Richard Flintham, James Bretton, Mark Elwood and all at We Are Fallon, Mark Tappin and Simon Gofton, Andra Eggleston, Lee Forester and Noah Golding at Electric Lady Studios, Jamie Davis, Dusty Nelson at Kelley Electronics. Alistair and all the Grove Studios, Nick Freemantle, Giles Woodhead, David Westlake and Ken Wood.
Everyone who attended the rehearsal shows. Vintage and Rare Guitars, John Hamilton, Stevie Hay, Isac Walter, Kevin Seal, Cover Illustration by Derek Birdsall at Omnific. Scream photograph by Anton Corbjin (C) 2008.

All artwork coordinated by Dave Thomas.

Andy Dunlop plays lead guitar and sings backing vocals
Douglas Payne plays bass and sings backing vocals
Fran Healy sings and plays guitar
Neil Primrose plays drums and percussion

This album is dedicated to Kurt Vonnegut.

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