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Morning View

Morning View

EK 85227

1. Nice To Know You

2. Circles

3. Wish You Were Here

4. Just A Phase

5. 11am

6. Blood On The Ground

7. Mexico

8. Warning

9. Echo

10. Have You Ever

11. Are You In?

12. Under My Umbrella

13. Aqueous Transmission

Produced by Scott Litt and incubus


Brandon Boyd
Michael Einziger
DJ Kilmore
Dirk Lance
Jose Pasillas II


Recorded by Rick Will, Dave Holdredge, Mike Einziger and Scott Litt

Mixed by Rick Will and Scott Litt
Digital Recording/Editing – Dave Holdredge
Remote Recording Supervisor – Ernie Woody
Remote Recording – Classic Equipment Rentals: Jason Cropper, Kylie DeJesus, Mark Wamholtz
Studio Coordination/Assistance – Ted Whitacre
Monitors – Greg Nelson

Written and recorded at the Stern House, Malibu, CA

Mixed at Record One Studios
2nd Engineer – Tom Sweeney

Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios

Management: Steve Rennie for REN Management Corporation
Assisted by Field Marshall Adam Gelfond and Dr. Jennifer Silverman

REN Management/Incubus web guru: “Digital” Dan Berman

A&R Kaz Utsunomiya
Product Manager: Jock Elliott
Art Direction & Design: Brandy Flower
Photography: Brian Smith
Cover and tray photography: Joanne Smets
Disc illustration by Jose

Legal Representation: Todd Cooper at Mannatt, Phelps and Phillips
Booking Agent: John Herrington & Gavin Hitt at Variety Artists


Strings Arranged and Conducted by Suzie Katayama
Players: Violins: Joel Derouin, Mario De Leon, Peter Kent, Gerry Hilera, David Stenske, Eve Butler
Violas: Evan Wilson, Karie Prescott
Cello: Larry Corbett, Dan Smith
Woodwinds: Jon Clarke
Assistant Contractor: Marne Boomershine
Background Vocals on “Are You In”: Dawn Beckham, Stephanie Alexander
Microphones provided exclusively by Shure

All songs written by Boyd, Einziger, Katunich, Pasillas II, Kilmore
© 2001 EMI April Inc. and Hunglikeyora Music. All rights controlled and administered by EMI April Inc. (ASCAP). All rights reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission.


Brandon Boyd would like to thank:
My large, loving and incredibly supportive extended family. I love you all so much. All the amazing new friends I’ve made in the past couple of years, our kick ass crew (except Greg), everyone at Epic Records, Steve Rennie, Scott Litt, Rick Will, Dave Holdredge, Suzi Katayama, Brian & Shea, Brett Spivey, Jo, my band, Phil Harder and all at “A Band Apart”. Caffeine, Black Licorice, my hairy bitch, Sativa. “Universe” for making its presence known through, among other things, art, love and music, and lastly to every woman, boy and anthropoid who ever listened to what we do…cheers. If I forgot some stuff, please forgive me, I ate the brown acid at Woodstock in ’69 and can scarcely remember my own name.

Michael Einziger would like to thank: My amazing parents and siblings, I love you. My band-mates and their families. Cameron, you’re a gem. All my close friends, both old and new. Everyone we work with (see band thank-yous). Our incredibly sassy recording team. The fact that at this point in time I don’t have to get a real job. Jeff and Paul Reed Smith for making such beautiful guitars. Special thanks to Steve Vai and Suzi Katayama for their inspiration in both the writing and recording of this record. Huge thank you to all our fans for all the years of love and support, without you this would not be possible.

Kilmore thanks: My parents…I love you. Mom, I’m grateful you came to visit during the Morning View sessions. This is something I’ll remember always. My brothers and sisters. My close personal friends including my brothers in my band and their families. Thanks for your continued support and constant encouragement.

Dirk wishes to thank: The shining star that is the light of my life, Emily. I love you, you’re the reason I was able to begin and finish this record. To my family who made all of this possible: Danielle, Rachel, Lauren, Dave, Dottie, Mom, Dad, Peggy, and all the cousins. B-loved Mazdak and a yeah yeah Riordan. Skidmark and Shithouse. Black Rack, the brothers Riordan and Decker, Blake, Jed, Erick, Josh, Jed, Adam, Carrie and John. Carl I love you. The crue. Rennie, Jackie, Jock, Kaz, Melissa, Dave, Rick, Scott. John Biroc for saving me, and last but not least Mark Shoffner for his years of support and guidance.

Jose Pasillas: Thanks to my family and extended family who far surpass all I could ever as for in their support and love. My band who I feel honored and grateful to be a part of and all of their amazing, encouraging families. The team/family that keeps us alive and functioning & everybody I have met who have inspired and helped me get to where I am today. Thank you! This album is dedicated to my dad.

Incubus would like to thank:
Dave Glew, Polly Anthony, Steve Barnett, Michele Anthony, Kaz Utsunomiya, Jock Elliott, Michael Perlmutter, Aubrey Volbrecht, Brian Celler, Melissa Dragich, Jacqueline Saturn, Happy Walters, Gayle Miller, Adan Armandariz, Ayelet Cohen, Hillary Shaev, Joel Klaiman, Shelley Mori, Debi Lipetz, Joe Carroll, Paddy Rascona, Richele Orifino, Cheryl Valentine, Rick Brewer, Jon Borris, Charlie Stroeble, Jo Hodge, Kevin Kertes, Alex Levy, Jeff Davis, Bill Frohlich, Steve Kennedy, Paul Jarosik, Gary Kelly, Greg Park, Jamie Curtis, Michelle Tagliere, Time Heslin, April Garfield, Cory Llewellyn, Denise MacDonald, Jim Parker, Jeff Storey, Brandy Flower, Joanne Smets, J. Lindenburg, Paul Frank, Religion, Diesel, Levi’s, Ben Sherman, Camper, Converse.

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