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Make Yourself (1999)

Make Yourself

EK 63652


1. Privilege (3:54)

2. Nowhere Fast (4:30)

3. Consequence (3:19)

4. The Warmth (4:25)

5. When It Comes (4:00)

6. Stellar (3:20)

7. Make Yourself (3:03)
8. Drive (3:52)

9. Clean (3:56)

10. Battlestar Scralatchtica (3:50)

11. I Miss You (2:48)

12. Pardon Me (3:44)

13. Out From Under (3:28)


Produced by Scott Linn and Incubus

All songs written by: Boyd, Einziger, Katunich, Kilmore Pasillas © 1999 EMI April Music Inc./Hunglikeyora Music (ASCAP) All rights administered by EMI April Music, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.



Brandon “invisible floating torso man” Boyd
Michael Einziger
DJ Kilmore
Dirk Lance
Jose Pasillas II

Produced by Scott Linn and Incubus

Mixed by Scott Linn and Rick Will
Engineered by Michael “Elvis” Baskette
Assisted by Matt Griffin / Evan Hollander
Digital Editing: Dave Holdridge
Recorded at NRG Recording Services
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at A&M

A&R: Paul Pontius Management: MSM – Steve Rennie / Mark Shoffner
Booking (US): Variety Artists – John Harrington / Gavin Hitt
Booking (UK): ITB – Scott Thomas


Cello on “Drive” and “I Miss You” by Dave Holdridge

Scratches on “Battlestar Scralatchtica” by Cut Chemist, Kilmore and Nu-Mark
Cut Chemist and Nu-Mark appear courtesy of Less Than 6 Songs

Art Direction: Brandy Flower
Design: The Attik, Inc.
Photography: Christopher Wray-McCann

Incubus recordings also available from Epic/Immortal:
Enjoy Incubus (EP) (67900) and S.C.I.E.N.C.E. (67972)


Special thanks to Nic Adler, Slamm Andrews, Paul Arnell, Steve Barnett, Tom Broderick , Stephanie Cabral, Brian Celler, Todd Copper, Melissa Dragich, Nick DeWitt, Jock Elliott, Aaron Foreman, Brett Greenberg, Karl Groeger, Jr., Sean Henning, Michael Kay, Audra Kahn, Jennifer King, Harvey Leeds, Lisa Linder, Lilette Mastro, Sharon and Ozzy, pp, Josh Rosenthal, Rob Roth, Erin Smolinski, Romeo Thomas, Happy Walters, Whitey (the man himself), Jim and Kathleen Wirt and everyone at our Epic, Sony and Immortal Records family.

As well as Adidas, Audio Technics, Converse, DVS, Eden Electronics Ernie Ball Strings, Etnies, Freshjive, Mesa Boogie Amplifiers, OC Drumworks, Puma, Rane Inc., Shure, Jeff Lanahan & Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Bob Boos and Sabian, The UBL and Warwick Basses.

Incubus crew: Adam Gelfond, Greg Nelson, Steve Chant, Tedd Whitacre

We would like to thank these bands for once or more of the following reasons:

A. We beat them unmercifully on the B-Ball court
B. They have great hair
C. They got us drunk and took advantage of us
D. We had a great time with them.
E. Other

311, Korn, Sugar Ray, Lim Bizkit, Black Sabbath, System Of A Down, Snot, Far, (hed)pe, Pantera, Coal Chamber, Roni Size & Reprazent, Reef, The Urge, Sevendust, Ultraspank, 2 Skinnee J’s, Shootyz Groove, Orgy, Jurassic 5, Vent, Frontside, Hoobustank, Staind, One Minute Silence, Robert Trujillo, Mike Borden & Joe Holmes, Save Ferris, Gruvis Malt, Unwritten Law, Dial 7 and Strife. Anyone we forgot, sorry.

The invisible floating torso man would like to thank every artist, musician, author, filmmaker, poet and revolutionary who ever pt their lives and reputations on the line to see their visions to fruition. I would like to thank my entire family, all my friends around the earth, every woman, man and dog who ever supported Incubus in our audio adventures, Jim Wirt (lots of love) my band and everyone they thanked, Vincent, Adam, Ted, Elvis, Brett Spivey, Super Dave, all the bands we ever toured with and were given amazing opportunities by, and lastly, kudos to whoever enigmatic force led me to my love and my light, Jo. (You changed by my life, Sploj.)

Jose Antonio Pasillas here, and I would like to give shout outs and thanks to the following: my amazing family, Mom, Dad, Nadia, Lisa, John and my smashable kitty cat. My beautiful companion Shyanna Gero and the entire Gero family (thanks for being nice to me). My best friend David Schmee Koresh and all the tp3 thugs. My best friends, Chris, Mike, Alex, Brandon and all their families for their undying support. Also my cookie Amy Meyer and my gal Jessie Jane Tappis, Aasha, and the temple city locos. I know I forgot many people and I greatly apologize, you can hate me if you want but that’s not nice. Thank you, love Jose.

Dirk thanks: my loving family, B-Love, Fontez, what about Riordan, Elvis, Carl – I miss you, all my other true friends you know who you are!

Michael would like to thank: Mom and Dad, Rachel, Lil’ brother Ben. Paul, Mark, & Lee, Sheryl, Jason, & Jennifer. The rest of my family. My band/best friends. All the people who work with us. Amy Meyer, Emily Hanson, Melissa Jones, LL Debs, Tom Whalley, Stephen Levy & Ben Gordon. Jim and Kathleen Wirt. Adam Gelfond, “Spitacha” Elvis, Dave. Beau and Family, Josh, Mitch, & all the boys, Rick Gonzales, Erin Lokitz, Jo, Shwarma Gyro. Rachel Zovar, Kenny Morrison, Jonathan Cathey, Nic Adler, Nick DeWitt, Spring Aspers, Rick Rodney, Colette Daze. All of my other friends,. QDIII, Mario and all at Soundlab. Bjork, for being such an awesome musician. All the great people I’ve met while on tour (you know who you are). Massive appreciation to all our fans who have give us so much love and support over the last 8 years.

The Human Vibe Technician Kilmore would like to thank the wandering souls that have crossed my path, intermingles, and influenced me to be who I am…(before and after my journey to this earthly world). Most importantly…my family, Mom, Dad, Shane, Lindsay, Katie…I love you. The gentleman of the A-Club. The hustler in the apt 109 cru. My peoples who have put up with all my repercussions and consequencialities…Aasha, Brandon, Chaitra, Clariza, Dirk, Jose, Kesha, Mike Spitatcha. Rane Inc., for supplying me with the freshest turntablist mixer on the planet. The Jedi Knights and all other crews who are forever faithful to the wheels of steel….Let’s unite and spin this world like a turntable.
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