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Love, Peace & Happiness

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Original 1970 double album liner notes






Side 1


Have A Little Faith  (5:14)

-S. Turner-

Three-T Pub. Co./ASCAP


Let’s Do It (Do It Together)  (4:34)

-S. Turner-

Three-T Pub. Co./ASCAP


To Love Somebody  (4:36)

-B. Gibb-R. Gibb-

Nemperor Music, Ltd./BMI


If You Want Me To  (3:59)

-S. Turner-

Three-T Pub. Co./ASCAP


Wake Up  (2:18)

-M. Hamlisch-J. Hirschhorn-

Blackwood Music, Inc./BMI

(From the Motion Picture “The April Fools”)



Side 2


Love, Peace And Happiness  (16:16)

-Chambers Bros.-

Chambro Music Co./BMI

L + P = H in Three Movements


Produced by David Rubinson for Fillmore Corporation

A Product of Catero Sound Company, San Francisco


Executive Engineer: Fred Catero


Engineers: Mark Friedman & Jim Conniff



Photo / Gino Rossi

All of my life I’ve wanted something to give you but I never had what I wanted to give.  I feel that what we offer in this package is worth your weight in gold.  It’s a part of us individually, personally, and together.  It’s “our love” which is enough to supply the whole world.  It is “our peace” and if all the world had that much love and peace then happiness could overflow this earth like the waters overflow the banks of a river after a great rain.

The world needs love, let’s give all of ours, ok?  – George


Photo / Jim Marshall

Love is something we all need, feel and want, but it’s hard to find and quite often misused.  Peace is what we’ve been looking for since the beginning of time; since the birth of the earth.

Peace is all over and all around; it’s hard to see and hard to feel but easy to hear in “Love, Peace And Happiness.”  We have given you all of our love, peace and happiness to share with the world.  – Lester


Photo / Jim Marshall

In this world today, as I see all mankind coming closer and closer together, it becomes clear that mankind does have a little faith in itself.  Or am I dreaming of tomorrows clear and shining without problems or hang-ups but with laughter and happiness and people dancing in the streets as children do?

Perhaps now I am dreaming, and if I am, I should “Wake Up” to reality and think back on some of the things I said…and all I’ve said is that we can work out any problem – “So let’s do it, do it together.”

Now, if you want me to, I’ll try to be a little more clear.  God gave us the sun, the moon, the stars, the flowers, grass and trees and the ability to love somebody.  And I do love you.  I give you “Love, Peace and Happiness.”

and something:

Continue to grow as beautiful as the flower you are.  God Bless.  – Joseph


Photo / Jim Marshall

When I think of love, peace and happiness it involves a long bittersweet revolving concern.  Long days of trying to understand my fellow man.  His reasoning.  I look at the old and see the young.  I look at the young and see the old.  The old not understanding the young; the young not understanding the old.  We look, we touch, we see, we feel.  “Seek and ye shall find.”  My heart cries out “Gory!”  Love, Peace and Happiness is within me and within the Chambers Brothers.  All our love, peace and happiness we want to give to you.  Love plus peace equals happiness.  You can share yours too.

P.S. May things be always as pleasant as your thoughts.  Be honest with yourself; that’s who you sleep with every night.  – Willie


Photo / Jim Marshall

It is hard for the minority to stand up and fight for Love, Peace and Happiness in our world today.  But I know it will be easy when the minority is the majority tomorrow.  It is beyond me to explain in words my feelings of being a part of this album.

Love, Peace and Happiness to all.  – Brian







Side 1


Wade In The Water  (10:20)

-Arr. Julius Chambers-

Dolot, Inc./BMI


Everybody Needs Somebody  (6:28)

-Julius Chambers-

Dolot, Inc./BMI


I Can’t Turn You Loose  (2:54)

-O. Redding-

East/Memphis Music Corp./BMI



Side 2


People Get Ready  (4:14)

-C. Mayfield-

Chi-Sound Music, Inc./BMI


Bang Bang  (7:20)

-J. Cuba-J. Sabater-

Chardon Music, Inc./BMI


You’re So Fine  (4:37)

-L. Finney-B. West-W. Schofield-

West-Higgins Pub. Co./BMI


Medley:  (4:05)


-S. Robin-C. Shavers-

MCA Music, a Division of MCA, Inc./ASCAP

Love! Love! Love!

-T. McRae-S. Wyche-S. David-

Progressive Mus. Pub. Co., Inc./BMI



Produced by Tim O’Brien


Engineers: Glen Kolotkin, Terry Dunavan & Sy Mitchell



Front Cover Photo / Columbia Records Photo Studios


Back Cover Photo / Israel Harris Moyston


Cloud Cover Photo / Virginia Team


Inside Cloud Photo / George Chambers


Performing Photo / Don Nathans



“360 SOUND”





Manufactured by Columbia Records/ CBS Inc./ 51 W. 52 Street, New York, N.Y./ ® “Columbia” Marca Reg. Printed in U.S.A.



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