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Look Around

Original 1968 album liner notes

Look around…the recording studio is small and like a room in a downtown hotel, drab, impersonal and functional… Instrument cases, paper coffee cups, a labyrinth of wires and cables and the inevitable Cyclops eye of a clock on the wall, all hermetically sealed to eliminate the sights and sounds of life outside.

Look around…the control booth is smaller still…like a cockpit with a panel full of dials, needles and levers.  If the studio had wings, it could surely fly.

Look around…beyond the double glass wall, Sergio Mendes walks to the piano.  The many weeks of perfection-seeking preparation are behind him.  He’s ready.  His group is ready.  In the booth, producer Herb Alpert, the engineer and the wheels of tape are ready.  Sergio closes his eyes.  He finds just the right tempo.  “Um, dois, tres!”…the music starts…the magic begins.  Suddenly the studio does have wings.  Suddenly it flies.  And what a flight!  Smooth as glass.  Like seagull kites over the warm sands of Copacabana beach…the incredible cool green of the rain forests…the joy of Carnival.  The sight and sound of Brazil.

It’s all here.  Listen.  Close your eyes…and look around.

Marilyn and Alan Bergman


Side I

With A Little Help From My Friends 
(J. Lennon – P. McCartney)
Maclen Music Inc. (BMI)

Roda  2:22
(Gilberto Gil – Joao Augusto)
Bendig Music Corp. – Irving Music (BMI)

Like A Lover*  3:51
(Dori Cammy – Nelson Motta – A. Bergman & M. Bergman)
Berna Music (ASCAP)

The Frog**  2:42
(Joao Donato)
Rodra Music Inc. (BMI)

Tristeza (Goodbye Sadness)
(Harold Lobo – Niltinho – Eng. lyric Norman Gimbal)
Bendig Music Corp. – Duchess Music Corp.

Side II

The Look Of Love** 
(Bacharach – David)
Colgems Music Corp. (ASCAP)

Pra Dizer Adeus (To Say Goodbye)*
(Edu Lobo – Torquato Netto – Lani Hall)
Berna Music (ASCAP)

Batucada (The Beat)  2:19
(Marcos Valle – Paulo Valle)
Janeiro Music (ASCAP)

So Many Stars**
(Sergio Mendes – A. Bergman & M. Bergman)
Berna Music (ASCAP)

Look Around
(Sergio Mendes – A. Mattos – A. Bergman & M. Bergman)
Berna Music (ASCAP)

Arrangers: Sergio Mendes / **Dave Grusin / *Dick Hazzard

Engineers: Larry Levine, Henry Lewy

Studios: Sunset Sound, Western Recorders, Annex Studios

Guitar: John Pisano

Produced By: Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss

Album Design by Corporate Head

Art Director: Tom Wilkes

Photography by Guy Webster

This album is also available on stereo tapes

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